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Embedded Systems / VLSI Design / Electronic Design and Automation


Since the market demand for embedded system designers has become very high and is expected to grow further,
DOEACC Centre Calicut initiated action for starting an M.Tech. Course (affiliated to Calicut University) in Embedded Systems. M.Tech program in Embedded Systems was started from July 2005-06 with an intake of 18 students of whom 5 are sponsored candidates. The course has received good response and is currently going on in full swing. The duration of the course is 24 months (4 semesters) and the semester fee per candidate is Rs.30,000. The 2nd batch of admission is over this year and the classes have already started from 02.08.06.
Apart from the long term course following short term courses on embedded system and VLSI are being conducted by the centre.

Sl No.

Name of the course

Batch Size


Course Fees


ED:500:PG Diploma in Embedded System Design


6 months

Rs. 46,000


ED:505:Embedded  S/w & RT Linux Course


3 weeks

Rs. 6000


ED508:Embedded Product Design Course


2 weeks

Rs. 4000


PG Diploma in VLSI Design


6 months

RS. 30,000

A VLSI and Embedded System Lab has been set up at this Centre (
Imphal ) as a project under DIT, MCIT.
Courses Offered: A two-month Certificate course in VLSI Design has been launched from July 2006.The contents of this course are-

  1. MOS transistor, MOS Inverter, CMOS Circuits and logic circuits, CMOS chip Design options,

  2.  MOS Processing  Technology, VLSI packaging

  3. Digital logic components and circuits

  4. Programmable logic, programmable gate arrays, PAL, PLA, CPLD, FPGA

  5. CAD Tools

  6. HDL, VHDL

Plans for upgradation: Software tools  such as assemblers, compilers and IDEs and trainers boards for microcontrollers  such as 8051 and PIC family are being added to the Lab. Courses on Embedded Systems will be introduced shortly.


  1. The Centre ( SRINAGAR/JAMMU ) offers Short-Term courses titled

  • Designing with 8051

  • Designing with AVR Micro-controller

Future Plans:
To offer 3 months/6 months training program on embedded system for which 3 faculty members have been currently deputed to undergo modular training program on Embedded System at DOEACC Centre ,


C-DAC and DOEACC Centre, Aurangabad have executed a MoU on 29thJune,2006 to collaborate/work in the common areas of interest  like e-learning and embedded systems etc. The Centre proposes to conduct the Course “Diploma in Embedded System Design (DESD)” w.e.f 25th Sept,2006 at DOEACC Centre, Aurangabad. C-DAC will provide its academic and technical support like syllabus preparation, laboratory component identification, faculty orientation program etc.
The Centre conducts the following short term courses on VLSI Design .

Sl No. Name of the course Duration Course Fees
1. A VHDL for Digital Designers 1 week Rs. 2500
2. A Circuit Simulation, foundations for Analog Chip Design Course 1 week Rs. 4000
3. Certificate Course in VLSI Design 6 months Rs. 30,000
4. An Electronics Product Development using FPGA/CPLD & Data Converters Course 12 weeks RS. 15,000
5. Board Design, Analysis and layout Course 4 weeks RS. 8000
6. VLSI Backend (Physical Design) 4 weeks RS. 8000
7. Diploma in Embedded System Design 16 weeks RS. 20,000


  1.  The Centre ( Gorakhpur ) is organizing following training programme in the field of Embedded      System.
  1. 6 months Advance Diploma in Embedded System
  2. 1 month Summer Training in Embedded System
  3. 1 week to 4 week short term training in Embedded System
  • One month Summer Training on Embedded System has been     conducted during June/July/August and 102 Candidates has been trained.
  • Six months Advance Diploma in Embedded System has been advertised going to commence shortly.
  1. The Centre is organizing following training programme in VLSI/EDA Tools. Interaction with various Engineering Colleges is under process.
  1. One week Winter School on “VHDL Programming & Synthesis” for Engineering College students scheduled from 9th October 2006 to 13th October 2006.
  2. One week Faculty Training Programme on “VHDL Programming & Synthesis” for Engineering College faculties scheduled from 16th October 2006 to 20th October 2006.
  3. Six month Advance Diploma in VLSI Design” scheduled from November 2006.

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