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1.What is Registration?

A system of registration of candidates has been evolved to monitor the growth of a student through the various levels of courses under the DOEACC Scheme and to enable the Society to infer the likely number of candidates appearing in a particular examination in advance to ensure proper planning for the forthcoming examinations. Under the system of Registration, each candidate gets a unique identification number.

a) Registration Forms - Free of cost.

Registration is only for candidates and not for institutes. Registration forms are available from the DOEACC Society free of cost and can be obtained either in person or through post. Clear Photostat copies of the Registration Forms may be made use of by candidates for applying for registration. Arrangements are also being made to enable students and institutes to down load the Performa from the DOEACC web site (http://www.doeacc.org.in). Application Forms for examinations are different from Registration Forms. Registration Number is also different from Roll Number of a candidate, for examination.

b) A student can register only at one level at a time.

Essentially a candidate can register at only one level at any point of time and appearing for an examination at any other level is not permitted.

c) Registration - pre-requisite for appearing in Examination.

Registration is a pre-requisite for appearing in DOEACC O/A/B/C level examinations. Candidates should apply for registration in the prescribed form, which is attached at Annexure-I.
d) (i) The DOEACC Society at New Delhi is the authority for registration for all levels.
(ii) Registration is open throughout the year. However, cut-off dates have been prescribed for receipt of completed registration forms. The current schedule of cut-off dates is: -
Cut-off Dates
January Exams
July Exams
O Level
Preceding 30th June
Preceding 31st December
A/B/C Levels
Preceding 31st July
Preceding 31st January
(iii) Candidates are not eligible to appear in the relevant examination if their Registration Forms are received after the stipulated cut-off dates, except for certain specific cases as may be notified by DOEACC from time to time.
2. Registration, by itself, does not entitle a candidate to appear for an examination at the level concerned, unless all conditions, stipulated in the examination application form, and in any other notification, relevant to the examination are fulfilled by the candidate.
What is Registration?
How to apply for Registration?
Submission of Registration
Validity of Registration
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