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DOEACC Bio-Informatics Course


Bioinformatics is the convergence of Information Technology & Life Sciences. Bioinformatics is a fast growing discipline & has emerged as a cutting edge technology of the knowledge revolution. Quality Human Resource Development in this area is therefore a challenging task.


 Manpower Demand projections in Bio-Informatics

According to CII-MCIT Bio-Informatics HRD in India Report 2005 It is estimated that the demand of Bio-Informaticians will out strip supply by 1354 in 2010-11, 5108 professionals in 2011-12 & 10,998 in 2012-13, if the Indian Bio-Informatics industries continues to grow at a CAGR of 42% as predicted by the experts.  Further, it is estimated that nearly 670 teachers would be required in the formal education sector in 2008-09.  Assuming a very realistic target for all institutes by 2012-13, requirements for faculty would rise to 2723.  The demand for Indian Bio-Informatics professionals from the rest of the world is expected to rise from 348 (in 2003-04) to a total of 8169 by 2012-13.
 According to Biospectrum, the Indian Biotech Sector is growing with a total revenue up by 37.4 % in 2005-06 and it is estimated that the Indian Biotech Sector will achieve $ 5 billion mark in revenue by 2010 with the growth driven by Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Services and Bioinformatics. Biotech work in India is leading towards discovery led Drug development becoming a reality.  Therefore, a special stress is  required on creation of quality massive human capital in Biotech Sector and greater Public Private Partnership support to ensure Indias entry in the elite Biotech Club.

To meet the growing demand for trained Bio-informatics professionals in India, DOEACC Society.  has already developed courses in Bio-informatics DOEACC has developed the complete range of training programmes in the area of Bioinformatics.

O Level


Diploma in Bioinformatics

A Level


Post Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics

B Level


M.Sc. (Tech) equivalent

C Level


M.Tech Level



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