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DOEACC Examination
Registration is a pre-requisite for candidates to appear in DOEACC O/A/B/C level examinations. Examinations are held all over India on the second Saturday of January and July each year.
Dates for Examinations
  • Dates for the various activities connected with examinations will be announced through Newspapers well in advance of the examinations, normally in the last week of February and August relevant to July and January examinations, respectively.
  • Candidates undergoing 'O' level accredited course may appear in first two modules of 'O' level examination after six months of the commencement of the accredited course and in the remaining two modules after the completion of one year of the commencement of the accredited course. This is subject to the condition that the subjects have been covered in the accredited course by the institute and so endorsed in the examination application forms as per format therein.
Eligibility Criteria
At O/A/B/C levels, candidates can appear in any paper, in any order, if the subject has been covered in the institution running the accredited course and so endorsed on the application form. Direct candidates can appear in examinations if they satisfy the eligibility criteria as applicable to them.


Examination Centres
  • Examinations are conducted at about 120 centres all over the country. The conduct of examinations at these centres is liable to change.
  • Examination Centres are classified as Primary Centres and Secondary centres.
  • Examinations will be conducted at all the Primary Centres. For the examination to be carried out at any of these Primary centres will depend upon the number of candidates and infrastructure available at these centres. It is possible that one or more of these Primary Centres may be cancelled, if there are not sufficient numbers of candidates or for any other administrative reasons.
  • Candidates who choose one of the Secondary centres as a first choice in their application forms for examinations are required to give a Primary centre as a second choice.

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