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Cyberspace is becoming more and more central to the operations of the Government, and critical infrastructures such as Power, Telecommunications, Transportation, Energy, Banking & Finance, Defence and so on. Cyberspace comprises the interconnected computers, servers, routers, switches, fibre optic cables, and satellite links that make the critical infrastructure work. The functioning of cyberspace is becoming essential to national and global economy. The communications infrastructure, however, is vulnerable to intrusions. Intruders gain access to computer systems and networks in unauthorized ways. They engage in security incidents such as hacking, website defacements, denial-of-service attacks, access to sensitive financial or other important data with a view to cause embezzlement and other financial frauds. Information security is the key issue in today’s Information Technology world. IDC estimates information security jobs worldwide now number 1.4 million, a 9 percent increase from 2004 to 2005, and it forecasts a compound annual growth rate of 8.5 percent until 2009, when it estimates there will be more than 1.9 million jobs. Thus, there is a sizable requirement of cyber security products and services. Professionals worldwide indicated that information security is now being perceived as a business enabler rather than a business expense. India being a super power in software industry could contribute substantially to this. This necessitates,  development of specialized manpower, both at high end and low end, in the country.  The manpower requirement will not only cater to world market but will also cater to country’s requirement. In addition to developing specialized manpower and managers in the cyber security area, there will be a requirement of dissemination of Information security related information & issues and educating/ training computer network users. These training could be at various level including introductory training, technical training, master training and continued education in different security disciplines. The whole idea being that the users also contribute to the Information security initiatives of the Government level.

Realizing the imperative for developing this area in the country, especially from the point of view of Education and Awareness, a Working Group on Cyber Security-Education and Awareness, has been formed by Department of Information Technology. The working group on Cyber Security Education & Awareness recommended for “Development Capsules on Information Security Related Issues” for officers of Central & State Govt. All the  DOEACC Centres are initiating training programmes at various levels to scale up quality  IT Security professionals.

  DOEACC Centres at Aurangabad, Gorakhpur , Imphal and Calicut ( with NIT Calicut) have been designated as Participating institutions under DIT Project of Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA).   DOEACC Centre, Calicut is working on development of "Certification for Information Security Professionals" under DIT Project.


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