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IT Skill for Nurses


A great demand for Nurses in Software & IT Skills: Due to the dedication in services of the Nurses from North East, there is a high demand of nurses from the North-East within India and abroad. But due to lack of Communication and IT Skills displayed by nurses from the North East, the Nurses face problems in their working environment and getting a job. Expertise in computers would greatly enhance nursing recruitment and would prove to be the ultimate solution to problems of adaptability that nurses from the North East face outside their home states.
About the Course:
A syllabus for training the Nurses has been developed by DOEACC Centre, Aizawl with feedbacks from leading health care institutions. The course aims to tackle six domains that have an influence on patient satisfaction with nursing care:

* the socio-demographic (cultural) background of the patients,
* patients expectations regarding nursing care,
* the physical environment,
* communication and information,
* participation and involvement,
* interpersonal relations between nurse and patient.

The syllabus for the proposed training programme includes topics/domains that have been found to be the main reasons for the inability of nurses from the North-East to function as efficient health care professionals both within India and abroad. The programme also includes training on Information Technology (IT) and familiarization of computers within the Health Industry.


Course structure and duration

The course consists of classroom and laboratory sessions for the technical subjects, and interactive sessions in developing the soft-skills.
The duration of the course is 160 hours spread over eight weeks (2 months).
Each day's training will be a mix of classroom and laboratory sessions.
Course Module with duration
Sl. No.
Duration (Hours)
Training on the English Language
Training on Personality Development
Training on Communication Skills (Verbal and Non-Verbal) and Information Retention
Training on Culture Sensitization
Training on Patients expectation regarding nursing care
Familiarity with Complementary and Alternate Therapies
Training on Computer and Telemedicine Concepts


Selection & Placement Process


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