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1) A special study conducted by NASSCOM on the Indian animation and gaming market has found that the country could emerge as a significant destination for such outsourced work in the years to come. NASSCOM study on the Indian animation and gaming market has  indicated the following:-
- The animation development segment achieved revenues of US $ 285 million in 2005 and is expected to grow to US $960 million by 2009.
- The fully animated movie market, estimated at US$ 30 million in 2005, is expected to go up to US $180 million by 2009 at a CAGR of 56.5 percent and increase its market share from 15 percent in 2005 to 28 percent in 2009.
- The size of the VFX market is expected to go up to US $ 95 million by 2009 from US $ 15 million, with the offshore market estimated to double.
- E-Education would account for revenues of around US $150 million by 2009, up from US $ 40 million in 2005.
- Web designing, including outsourced visualization of animation and creation of movements, would increase its market size from US $ 50 million in 2005 to US $ 160 million in 2009.
2) For scaling up Human Resource in Animation & Multimedia, DOEACC Society has constituted a Sub-Committee under DOEACC Standing Syllabus Committee for working out new courses in Animation and Multimedia. Further ,two Developmental projects has been undertaken by DOEACC Centres, Kolkata and Imphal as under:-
S.No. Project Name Name of Executive Centre
01 Development of interactive learning material on Introduction to Animation and Multimedia DOEACC Centre, Kolkata
02 Advance course in 3D Modeling and Character Animation DOEACC Centre, Imphal

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