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With the shift towards the knowledge society, the change of working conditions and the high-speed evolution of information and communication technologies, peoples' knowledge and skills need continuous up-dating. Learning, based on collaborative working, creativity, multidisciplinary, adaptive ness, intercultural communication and problem solving, has taken on an important role in everyday life. The learning process is becoming pervasive, both for individuals and organizations, in formal education, in the professional context and as part of leisure activities. Learning should be accessible to every citizen, independent of age, education, social status and tailored to his/her individual needs. Promoting digital literacy will encourage the acquisition of new skills and knowledge that we all need for personal and professional development and for active participation in an information-driven society. It will also address ICT’s contribution to learning, especially for those who, due to their geographical location, socio-economic situation or special needs, do not have easy access to traditional education and training. ‘Department of Information Technology Project' 'training of trainers in elearning’ initiative aims to step the the training drive at all levels, for promoting universal digital literacy and general availability of appropriate training for teachers and trainers, including technology training as well as courses on the educational use of technology and management of change. The elearning initiative encourages the teachers to make real use of digital technology in their lessons, emphasizing on creating appropriate conditions for the development of content, services and learning environments.

The objective is to train teachers for implementing e-Learning in schools/ colleges/ universities/institutes/organizations of their respective areas for better educational methodologies (pedagogies) by

  1. Introducing the fundamentals of e-Learning and hardware and software  associated with e-Learning
  2. Introducing tools and technologies employed for content creation in e-Learning for implementing e-Learning in education
  3. Developing skills in teachers to locate and reuse the course content in e-learning

The Project has been  implemented by the DOEACC Centre Aurangabad for  teachers from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Chattisgarh & Madhya Pradesh. At DOEACC Centre Kolkata, teachers have been trained from West Bengal, Orrisa, Sikkim, Bihar & Jharkhand. The total duration of the project was of 18 months. 240 teachers has been trained till date in Phase - I.


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