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Computer Hardware Courses in Maintenance and Networking

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According to MAIT-Ernst & Young study 2003, the Computer Hardware professionals existing currently in India are estimated to be 0.24 mn., while the Computer Hardware professionals required by the year 2010 is 2.4 mn. According to Taskforce MHRD & McKinsey Report 2003, the IT Manpower projections in the Hardware sector is 4.8 mn by 2008. The total IT manpower projections by 2008 in IT Hardware from the formal sector of education is 1.06 mn. The conventional formal sector of education with all its advantages and strengths cannot alone meet the IT manpower demand in the Hardware sector. The private sector organisations in the non-formal sector engaged in IT Hardware training operating through franchise model cannot bridge the manpower gap. DOEACC Society has launched a new scheme in Computer Hardware jointly with Manufacturer’s Association for IT (MAIT), an apex body representing hardware industry in India.    The objective of the scheme is to generate quality manpower for Computer Hardware by utilizing the facilities & expertise available with training institutes / organisations in the non-formal sector. The 2 levels of Courses of 1 year duration each are designed at Diploma in Computer Hardware Maintenance (CHM – O Level) and Advanced Diploma in Computer Hardware Maintenance & Networking (CHM – A Level). The qualifiers of CHM-O Level can typically foresee positions in the industry such as Trainee Engineer / Service Engineer / Technical support Engineer. The qualifiers of CHM – A Level can typically foresee positions in the industry such as Network Engineer / Network Administrator / Network Analyst / Chief Information Officer.

DOEACC Centre , Aurangabad  is the Nodal Co-ordinating Centre for this activity. DOEACC Society envisages to train 5000 students / year in these courses.


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