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Medical Electronics and Electromechanical Equipments have become indispensable nowadays for the better service of Hospitals and most importantly, for the survival of patients. The service quality of Hospitals is often judged according to the state of the equipments they have at their disposal, which is the key factor for the better treatment of the patients. Routine preventive maintenance to ensure proper working condition so as to serve their purpose is highly essential. The need for special skills in repairing and maintenance of these equipments has been realized as the Hospital Technicians normally do not have the expertise as many cases required special technical skill for rectification. A large number of the Hospitals in te country are equipped with high-tech medical  equipments but lack of trained manpower  results in long down time and early classification of equipments as defunct . Consequently, the quantity of equipments the Hospitals need to replenish  affects the society directly, since it limits the service which the Hospitals can render to the patients. Hence a large  number of  quality trained Medical Electronics professionals is required for preventive and maintenance work needed to maintain hi-tech medical equipments in hospitals to ensure good health care in the country.   Since the hospitals in remote areas of India, the necessity of setting up of Medical Electronics Laboratory has been felt imperative due to the high demand of the Hospitals facing continuous break down of medical equipments and non-availability of adequate trained professionals in the vicinity.  Till date the hospitals depend on repair manpower from far off, which usually takes long time for rectification.  The long break down time of life saving medical equipments is adversely affecting the quality delivery mechanism of Medical care in the region.

 To support quality delivery of training as well as for undertaking medical equipments maintenance services, it is imperative to establish a quality laboratory facility to train the existing technicians in upgrading their skills as well as generate fresh manpower in the field of Medical Engineering Services.  Hence, there is an urgent need to establish a state-of-art laboratory facility to provide hands on exposure for professionals to undertake Maintenance and Design & Development services.

  DOEACC Centre, Aizawl has undertaken training of technicians for Repair & Maintenance of Medical Equipments for hospitals in NE Region( funded by DoNER ). DOEACC Centre Jammu and Srinagar undertakes Hospital maintenance Projects in the region.


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