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Validity of Registration

Once registered at a particular level, the registration is valid for ten consecutive examinations for O/A levels and twelve consecutive examinations for B/C levels, reckoned from the specific examination as indicated in the Registration Allocation Letter issued to the candidates.   b) It is advised that candidates may register themselves as early as possible without waiting for the cut-off date.   c) Applications for registration for next level. A candidate registered at one level, intending to register at another level, without clearing all modules/papers of the former level, will have to remit the full registration fee and charges for publications for the latter level along with a registration form duly filled in.   d) (i) Eligibility for obtaining a certificate when one applies for next level registration and fail some modules of the previous level. In case a candidate qualifies in certain modules/papers at a level and appears for the remaining modules/papers at that level and pending the announcement of results, registers at higher level, in anticipation of passing the lower level, the candidate will forfeit the chances of appearing in the modules/papers in which the candidate is found unsuccessful at the lower level after declaration of results. He/she will thus, not be eligible to get the certificate for that level. (ii) Exemption for the common module/papers qualified at a particular level would not be extended at the higher level in case the candidate get himself/herself registered at another level without qualifying all modules/papers at the level at which he/she was initially registered.


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